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Manchester Munch 14th Feb

We are going to be holding a little bit of a special Manchester Munch this Feb, as its the 11th Birthday for the munch

The Munch, as always, will be held at the Via bar on Canal Street. Set up will be at 12noon, newbies and extra hands will be very welcome. The main munch will start at 1pm.

We are also needing to raise some money for the website and for the running of other stuff. We are looking for raffle prizes and other donations, may be just for a collection pot.

Hope to see you all there. More info from me or on the Manchester munch site or on the munch phone (07813603025)

Duncan aka Lord James. on behalf of the Munch team.

12 April 2008

Saturday was another great saturday for the Manchester Munch.

It was Lashes 10th birthday the night before and the club was twice it's normal size and had so many people in enjoying themselves well that's what I heard anyways because sadly me and mine missed out on the frivolity.

We weren't expecting that many in to be honest, because half the staff had huge hangovers as it was, or were there until so late that they were just dead on their feet.

We had 100 in which was fantastic, but we did miss some of our regulars but will no doubt catch them next month.

It was a fun filled day, and tiring for lil ole me.

Hope to see you all next time

Bex Manchester Munch's Badge Bitch
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Munch time again

Saturday 12th April is the day of all days in our little calendar, it's the 2nd saturday of the month and that means Munch time :D

The rabble will all be meeting at Via on Canal Street which is with walking distance of Manchester Piccadilly train station.

You will find us downstairs right at the bottom of the building where we belong, laughing and joking and potentially nursing huge hangovers from the night before which is Lash's 10th Birthday, so if you are attending that have a great night.

We will be there from 12 o'clock to round about 5pm when we normally trundle off for foodage of some sort.

12 O'clock is the time we like to set aside for newbies and anyone that is not sure can contact me here, or Duncan (the munch guvnah) on 07813603025, or visit for further infomation.

There is also the counch club on saturday evening, so don't forget to book you places with Tas.

See you all there.

Me x

Manchester Munch revitalisation

Over the next few days I am going to be making some changes to the community, to try and lure more people in and let all the members that are in place already know when the munches will me, and how they went, there will also be some other links added as long as I can get them right for one, and if it's ok with the Guvnah :).

I will also make a post on my private journal for any of my friends that are on the scene may want to join the community.

So see you all soon and keep your eyes peeled :)
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Hi guys.

I'm looking to spice up my journal with some decent pics (i..e non-crappy webcam! check out my Scrapbook to see what I have to make do with at present:)

so i'm wondering if any of you would like to take some pics of me (for my LJ but also i guess just general use as you see fit). Money is tight at the moment so it would have to be somewhere in the Manchester, Greater Manchester or Preston/South Ribble areas.

I can be dom or sub but for the pics I would prefer to be sub. Softcore or hardcore, it's up to you. My preferences: insertions, cum/facials, wanking, tied, blindfolded, gags. But anything you had in mind... ;)

Contact me here, in my LJ or via e-mail (visible to Friends in usernfo)

Hope yo can help;
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i was given the heads-up about this comm from a user in one of the BDSM comms and thought i'd wave and say hello.

Prob won't be able to make it to a meetup for a while, but i'm very interested in getting to know some of you folks a bit better :)

Catch you all later,


Thank you.....

.... I would just like to thank all of you that made it to the Manchester Munch on saturday, it was a lovely day, and pretty damn good numbers too.

Many lovely people there, see you all next month
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